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2011 Sterling Eccles Solitare

2011 Sterling Eccles Solitare

2011 Sterling Eccles Soltaire , very modern and stylish interior, has twin fixed single beds, large end washroom with separate toilet and shower, hot and cold water, fridge freezer, oven grill 3 burner gas hob, electric hot plate, microwave.

Awning size 998cms

Shipping length 24.02 ft

Internal length 18.37ft

Width. 7.58ft

M.R.O 1441kgs

M.T.P.L.M 1605kgs

  • Berths: 4

    Axles: S

    Awning size: 998.00 cm

    or 392.91 inches

    Shipping length: 7.32 m or 24.02 ft

    Internal length: 5.60 m or 18.37 ft

    Width: 2.31 m or 7.58 ft

    Mass in Running Order: 1441 kg or 28.37 cwt

    Maximum Technical Permissible Laden Mass: 1605 kg or 31.59 cwt


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