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Ego Titanium Motor Mover

Ego Titanium Motor Mover

The price of £999 is supply only. Fitting is approx £100 extra


The Quattro Titanium was designed in Purple Line’s UK Innovation centre. It has been designed with only one thing in mind; saving weight. Our design engineers have taken every opportunity to reduce weight, including hollow cast alloy rollers, a tailor-made crossbar and a lightweight alloy body meaning the Quattro Titanium weighs in at only 23kg per two motors.

The Quattro Titanium has been rigorously tested to ensure that these weight savings do not compromise the build quality, strength, longevity or ease of use of the mover. Even with all these weight savings the Quattro Titanium still includes dual wheel engagement, meaning that this manual engagement motor mover can be fully engaged from either side of the caravan or trailer.

All of this leads to a weight saving of 9.5kg on our previous model, and over 10kg on movers from other leading brands; that is up to 10% of your personal payload. This allows you to carry more of the things you really need for your holiday.

The Quattro Titanium uses Quattro® technology. This intelligent modular system, featuring soft-start, allows any model in the e-go range to be used on single, twin and AWD installations. The system even allows retro-fit upgrades meaning that a twin system can be upgraded to All Wheel Drive at any time. This clever technology gives you ultimate flexibility, future proofing your purchase.

  • Product EGO400
    Operating Voltage 12V DC
    Avg Current Consumption 25 Amps
    Max Current Consumption 120 Amps
    Combined Weight (inc fitting kit etc.) approx. 29kg
    Speed 12cm per second
    Safe Working Load (SWL) @ 15% 2300kg (2 Motor)
    3500kg (4 Motor)
    Min Width (Caravan/Trailer)


    Max Width (Caravan/Trailer) 2500mm
    Power Source (Leisure Battery) 12V (Min 85Ah - rec 110Ah)
    Engagement Method Single Lever
    Dual Wheel Engagement Yes

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