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Truma Aventa Comfort 2400 Aircon

Truma Aventa Comfort 2400 Aircon

The Truma Aventa Comfort is the efficient, energy-saving, roof-mounted air conditioning unit that offers you maximum power in the minimum amount of space, perfect for your caravan or motorhome.

This lightweight system cools very efficiently thanks to its substantial 2400 watts of cooling power, and with a heat output of 1700W you can achieve the optimum temperature all year round. The air is also cleaned and dehumidified to ensure an ideal indoor climate.

It is suitable for use with vehicles up to 7.5m metres, your authorised Truma dealership can install the Truma Aventa Comfort air conditioning system in place of a skylight. The inside air distributor is especially flat, meaning that it will barely obstruct free movement inside the vehicle!

You can easily adjust the temperature by the remote control included that allows precise temperature selection in one-degree increments. Featuring four operating modes and three fan speeds that are also chosen by using the handy remote control.

The four operating modes include cooling, heating, automatic and air circulation. When in automatic mode the fan level and the heating or cooling mode are selected automatically depending on the room temperature. There is even a sleep function that once selected on the remote makes the internal fan operate at slow speed making it run particularly quietly.

As well as the handy remote control, if you have a Truma iNet system installed you can extend the Truma Aventa Comfort air conditioning system with the Truma iNet Box and easily control it through the Truma app.

With over 70 years as the leading specialist for caravan accessories, Truma products are the most effective and reliable on the market. So, you can buy with confidence knowing that you will receive the highest standard of product.

*Please be sure to check this unit is suitable for your vehicle. You can contact Truma for further information on 01283 587960

  • Power supply: 230V - 240V ~, 50Hz

    Power consumption (cooling): 4.2A

    Power consumption (heating): 3.7A

    Start-up current: 28A (150ms)

    Cooling power: 2400W

    Heating power: 1700W

    Volumetric air flow: 400m³/h max.

    Deployment range: +4°C to +40°C

    Maximum incline during operation: 8%

    Weight (without installation material): 33kg approx.

    Outer dimensions: 1008 x 660 x 248mm (L x W x H)

    Inner dimensions: 670 x 523 x 46mm (L x W x H)

    Roof cut-out: 380 x 350mm / 400 x 400mm (L x W)

    *Please be sure to check t

  • Cleans and dehumidifies the air

    Convenient adjustment using remote control

    Easy to retrofit

    Especially quiet in sleep mode

    Extremely energy-saving

    Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation)

    High output


    Three fan speeds

    Timer for desired running time

    Very efficient


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